Racism is Not a Mental Illness

Rose Water Magazine

On the evening of Wednesday the 17th of June, Dylann Roof, a 21 year old white male, walks into the doors of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and sits quietly for an hour, disguised amongst other members of the congregation. An hour later, 9 are dead and 3 severely traumatised by the event. Roof was captured by police the following day in Shelby, North Carolina, still armed, after being tipped by a local citizen of his whereabouts. Although the facts of the story remain the same, the classification of his act differs depending on what news publication you’re reading. Many are questioning the nature of this “hate” crime, or even so, reducing the nature of the crime to the simple expression of one “introverted and adrift” individual.

The church had been home to many significant black civil rights leaders within American history, including one of the founding members…

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