The Artist’s Eye

The Artist’s Eye

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)

It’s rare to come across a piece of art. music, or something similar, that you instantly connect with. The feeling is indescribable really, but it makes you feel as if this piece was made for you. As if the artist engraved a small, intimate, message that only you can decode. It’s a deep connection that flows between artist and audience and Marlene Dumas has always been able to do this for me.

I can honestly say the only artist to continuously evoke such a feeling within me is: Marlene Dumas. Her artistic expression through colour and line is so unique, it seems otherworldly. Paintings that connect to the soul. Paintings that make you feel as if your inner being is being forced to stop whatever you’re doing and pay real attention. Paintings that speak volumes of emotion is what Dumas continues to do so well. I can feel the raw emotion behind every piece she creates through every margin of my body and I resonate with it all.

I had her piece ‘Dead Girl’ on the wall of my bedroom and it really spooked out my boyfriend, like a lot a lot. He said it just made him feel odd and melancholic, which I can completely get, the piece itself is quite dark and some people may find it unsettling, but I didn’t. It just goes to show the powerful effect Dumas’ work has on you. She evokes a response, an emotion, that she deems appropriate to her art. It’s not always feelings of joy and ecstasy, but you can’t deny the feelings are raw.

dead girl

Most of all her ‘Amy – Blue’ piece. Amy Winehouse has always been that singer for me. My favourite, my go to. Her lyrics and tone attached itself to my soul in such a natural way in the same way that Dumas’ technique captured me, so being able to find a piece that combined the two was nothing short of magic.

The piece captures a side of Amy that not many were able to see because of the way she was often shown within the media. It shows her vulnerability. That’s why I love it. It allows the audience to see a quality within a person they wouldn’t usually associate them with. Amy was vulnerable in so many ways, her soft soul, her eating disorder, how intensely she felt love. Dumas shows this so perfectly, It’s as if Amy herself is talking to me through this painting and I love it.

amy blu


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